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Today’s feminism is a lens, a movement, a philosophy, a conversation. Always evolving, always listening, always striving to amplify voices that have been historically marginalized and silenced. Feminism is personal. Feminism is political. It has many faces, many voices and no mold. It is an approach to understanding and interacting with our social landscape, with each other. We want to know what feminism means to you. We want to connect you with the feminist conversation. A choir of feminist voices if you will, rooted in empathy, love and kindness.  Demanding, that round the world, women’s rights are human rights. Imagining a world without oppression, taking action to make that vision a reality. 

Sit With Us. Stand With Us.

Join the Conversation. 

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Our Mission Statement and Our Story...

"Feminism Is for everybody"

Here's why we think so...